1.        Member Registration

Q: How do I purchase tickets on the G-Music iTicket website?

A: You must first register as a member either by inputting your personal information or using your Facebook/Google account (still need to provide basic information) to expedite the process.

Q: What do I do if I forgot my password?

A: Please click on the “Forgot Password” link and enter your username and full name. The system will send out a “Password Reset Notification” to your registered email address. Please click the emailed link within the next 48 hours to reset your password. After 48 hours, the link will expire and you will need to repeat the aforementioned process.

Q: I can’t apply for membership!

A: If you receive a message stating “this account has already been registered”, please confirm whether you previously registered as an Utiki member. If you have, please login using your Utiki username and password. If not, please contact customer services.

Q: How can I have the confirmation email resent to me?

A: After logging in as a member, choose Member Services > Membership Confirmation > Resend Confirmation Code > System resends Membership Confirmation Notice to your registered email address.

Q: How do I know if I have successfully registered as a member?

A: After completing the membership confirmation process, login with your username and password on the homepage, if you succeed, this means you have successfully registered as a member!

2.        Ticket Retrievals

Q: How do I purchase tickets?

A: Please refer to the Ticket Purchase Details for further information. Facsimile purchases are only available for handicap accessible ticket purchases. Ticket purchase options shall vary by event as will be as individually announced.

Q: How do I retrieve my tickets?

A: Actual retrieval methods will vary by event, generally as follows:

a)    Retrieval via Mail.

Service Period: For ticket purchase made at least 10 days or more before the day of engagement. Local registered mail only.

Service Fee: NTD 50 system service fee (including postage) per order collected upon payment.

Delivery Time: Tickets will be mailed to your designated address within 10 business days of purchase (any changes will be in accordance to each individual event).

b)       Retrieval via Convenience Store Kiosk

Retrieval time: Retrievals can be made after 72 hours (3 days) of placing the ticket order until 12:00 PM on the day of engagement; patrons unable to retrieve tickets within the aforementioned timeframe are to contact us 1 business day before the performance. Within 24 hours of the event, the system will allow for all tickets that have yet to be retrieved to be available for retrieval (including orders that have yet to fulfill the previous 72 hour minimum deadline).

Tickets that have not been collected within the designated time frame nor have applied for refund before the designated deadline, will not be entitled to any further refunds or ticket changes.

c)        Method of Retrieval: Retrieval by purchaser ID number and/or member username and passport via 7-11 ibon, FamilyMart FamiPort, Hi-Life Life-ET, and OK-MART Ok-GO kiosks.

Retrieval Method Details by Convenience Store: 7-11, FamilyMart, Hi-Life, OK-MART

Limitations and Fees: 7-11 charges a NTD 30 service fee per order (4 tickets per order maximum); FamilyMart FamiPort charges a NTD 10 service fee per ticket (no maximum limitation); Hi-Life Life-ET charges a NTD 30 service fee per order (4 tickets per order maximum); and OK-MART OK-GO charges a NTD 30 service fee per order (4 tickets per order maximum). Aforementioned fees to be paid at convenience store counter upon ticket retrieval.

d)       On-site Retrievals

Service Time: Please retrieve tickets at the on-site ticket retrieval counter 60 minutes before the event begins.

Service Fee: NTD 50 service fee per order collected upon checkout.

Method of Retrieval: Personal identification and order number must be confirmed for retrieval. Purchaser name and ID must match. Please bring respective ticket order information.

(1)   Retrieval by Ticket Purchaser: Please bring your personal identification card and order number for retrieval.

(2) Retrieval by Ticket Purchaser: Please bring your personal identification card and order number for retrieval.

(3) Chinese and Overseas Purchasers: Please bring the identification document used during member registration. Chinese users that registered for membership with Mainland Residents Traveling to Taiwan Permit numbers must use the aforementioned permit to retrieve tickets on-site on the day of the event. Chinese users that registered for membership with their passport number must show both their passport and Mainland Residents Traveling to Taiwan Permit (will record permit number on-site) for retrieval.

Q: How will I know if I successfully purchased tickets?

A: Please login as a member and click Member Services > View Orders, choose your respective time frame and click “Send” to see previous order records.

Q: I faxed an order in for handicap accessible tickets, how will I know if my purchase was successful?

A: Successful purchasers will receive a call at 06:00 PM on the day of purchase. Unsuccessful purchases will not receive separate notice.

3.        Payment Details

Q: What methods of payment are there?

A: You can choose to pay via credit card, virtual account, or in cash at local convenience stores. Payment options may vary by event and shall be as individually announced.

Refer to the following links for payment procedures: Credit Card Payment, Virtual Account Payment.

Q: What credit cards can I pay with online?

A: VISA, MASTER, JCB, UCARD, and VISA debit cards are all acceptable. Patrons using VISA debit cards must make sure the amount available in the card exceeds that of the necessary payment to successfully place an order.

Q: What do I do if my credit card payment was unsuccessful?

A: Please visit Member Services > View Orders to review the status of the order, then choose to proceed with payment again.

Q: When I tried to pay with a credit card, I was unsuccessful. Will my credit card be charged extra?

A: The system will only charge one payment per order. If you “re-swiped” your credit card, that amount will be temporarily held by the bank and released at a later time. The exact time will vary from bank to bank, please contact your bank for further details.

Q: If I choose the “virtual account” option, how do I proceed with payment?

A: Once you choose the “virtual account” option, you will be given a virtual account number. Please transfer the necessary amount by ATM to the designated account number as instructed on the webpage. We have yet to accept over-the-counter cash payments from banks. Patrons can either pay via a bank or online ATM.

Q: Can I combine multiple orders into one when paying via a virtual account?

A: Unfortunately not. Each virtual account is unique to a certain ticketing order. Separate orders must be paid for separately. Please also ensure the amount of payment transferred accurately matches your order to avoid damaging your personal rights and interests.

Q: What do I do if my virtual account payment is unsuccessful?

A: Please ensure the account number and amount entered matches that of the ticketing order. Overdue payments or inconsistent amounts will be seen as a waived order and will be automatically cancelled, payments that have already been wired will be refunded. Do not attempt to rewire the aforementioned payment, please place a new order instead.

Q: How do I confirm that my online purchase has been successful?

A: Visit Member Services > View Orders, once you locate your order, you can confirm whether or not it has been successful. Depending on the various online purchase methods available for each individual event, patrons generally have the following options available. Various order status details as follows:

a)    Payment via Credit Card

(1)   Order Authorized: Your order has successfully completed the payment process.

(2)   Order Payment Overdue: Your order was unable to complete the payment process by the designated deadline and is now invalid. Please place a new order.

b)       When paying via a virtual account, the status of your payment will be show behind the account number.

(1)   Unpaid: You have yet to pay for this order, please proceed to an ATM and complete payment within the designated deadline.

(2)  Paid: Your order has successfully completed the payment process.

(3)  Inconsistent Payment Amount: The amount your wired differs from that requested for the order. This order has been automatically cancelled and the aforementioned payment will be refunded to you. Please replace your order!

4.        Ticket Refunds

Q: I already placed my ticket order, can I now choose a different method of payment and/or retrieval?

A: Once your order has been established, you can no longer change your method of payment and/or retrieval.

Q: I ended up buying one extra ticket? I bought three tickets in total, can I asked for a refund on one of them?

A: Please contact customer services to receive a refund application. Fill out the application and send it via registered mail to our office. A 10% service fee (of the ticket price) will be collected for each ticket refund.

Q: After completing my purchase, I realized there is now a better seating option available. Can I change seats?

A: Once your order has been established, you can no longer change seats. If you would still like to change seats, we recommend you purchase new tickets and apply for a refund for your previous tickets.

Q: How long will it take for me to receive my refund?

A: Upon receiving your refund application and the necessary documents, we will proceed with processing your request in accordance with your previous method of payment. The method of refund cannot be altered and will take approximately 14 business days.

(1)   Credit Card Payments: Upon receiving the tickets, we will deduct the service fee and credit back the card originally used to make the ticket purchase. The actual time of credit will depend upon the purchaser’s bank.

(2)   Virtual Account Payments: Upon receiving the tickets, we will wire the refund to the applicants’’ designate account (minus service fee and remittance charges) within 14 business days.

(3)   Convenience Store Payment: Upon receiving the tickets, we will wire the refund to the applicants’’ designate account (minus service fee and remittance charges) within 14 business days.

5.        Other Questions

Q: I often do not receive respective order confirmation notifications, order retrieval emails, pre-show notifications, nor member EDMs.

A: Please ensure the accuracy of the email address you previously used for membership registration and also be sure to check your junk mail. We recommend you add G-Music iTicket as your email contact or to your whitelist to lower the possibility of our emails being listed as junk mail by your server. The following is an example of how this can be done via a free email service. If you do not use this particular service, please follow similar instructions to setup your email inbox.


Q: Why didn’t I receive a GUI with my ticket(s)?

A: Tickets include the collection of amusement tax and are hence invoice exempt.